Take your shadow with you, everywhere you go….

Request the pleasure of the company of your shadow when you celebrate a friend’s marriage.

Tracy at Hey Harriet is still offline due to her change of location (I hope she’s moving somewhere really nice), but how gorgeous is she? She has kept Shadow Shot Sunday going automatically (hmmm, clever and how frighteningly organised). I hope to see you there!

Happy Sunday night everyone….


6 responses to “SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY

  1. Now that’s a bunch of shadows! Mine is up too!

  2. That’s a nice event to catch some shadows.

    Here’s my shadow shots, have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Oh that is a great shadow shot and your one sentence expresses the joy of the occasion very well! I scrolled down to read your post about the “every bird…” book and I loved that post. Wonderful book and it makes me want to find something similar –maybe just for Florida where we are now even. (I have the real, grown-up bird books that we use for reference — I would just like to have one like that for the pure pleasure of it. )

    Thanks for the great posts and for sharing on SSS !

  4. What a great idea- taking your shadow with you! Although I suppose you can’t help it.

  5. What a beautiful place for a wedding! Hope you enjoyed the bright, pretty day!

  6. Lots of shadows there and beautiful place for a wedding. Great shot.

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