I have an old book – first published in 1975. Now, I know this was before many of you were born and I also know this was not so long ago for others; myself included. I was 10. Peter was 20. Why does that sound kinda shocking? What a scandal!! A 20 year old dating a 10 year old!! It is so weird that it becomes OK when he is 50 and I am 40. Too funny…

Anyway, my old book – I bought it from the second hand bookstore. I asked Peter if I could buy it actually. I really liked it, but thought I should get permission from the man. He is a wise old man, twice my age when I was 10, after all! Of course, he said ‘yes’.

OK, here it is. It’s kind of daggy, but I love the old-school style, not trying to be something it isn’t. “Every Australian Bird Illustrated”. Honestly? Every single bird on this continent, illustrated? I could hardly believe it possible. But so far, I am yet to see a bird and not be able to find it’s illustration in this book!

On the dust cover it declares “The most comprehensive book of Australian bird illustrations for more than sixty years”. But that was 35 years ago so does that mean “for more than 95 years” now? My oh my, how time flies (Oops! Please excuse the pun).

All birds from our Dawesville garden
1. Blue (Splendid) wren, 2. Grey Fantail, 3. Silvereye

Birds in our Perth backyard and surrounds
1. Magpie, 2. Black Swan, 3. Pink & Grey Galah
4. Willy Wag Tail, 5. Honeyeaters, 6. Just filling in the space

A bird I have heard but never seen (in Queensland) – Bell Bird (they sound much prettier than they look)

Birds I saw when I lived on Christmas Island (an Australian Territory, so it still counts) – Boobies

A bird I haven’t seen but would like to – Bird of Paradise

See what I mean? EVERY Australian Bird – Illustrated!

“Every Australian Bird Illustrated” was published by Rigby Australia.

To join in Bookcase Tour Tuesday, visit Melanie’s beautiful blog Kimono Incarnate.


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