I think the magpies have been waiting for signs of life, waiting for us to emerge on Saturday morning. Wondering why we’re so late. They don’t know it’s not a work day. They serenade us anyway, like they do every morning, from the jacaranda outside the bathroom window.

We brunch – well, lunch, really.

We browse – half-heartedly. We don’t really need anything at the shops. It’s nice to take in the beauty, without consuming needlessly.

It’s such a peaceful Saturday. It’s hard to believe how rushed we feel sometimes. When Saturday mornings like this arrive, I wonder why I complain about being busy, pressured, overworked and basically just over it.

So, as I go now to continue with the laundry, try to tidy the house, get ready to go out tonight, make the bed, take out the rubbish and as a car outside the door blasts on the horn and my neighbour slams her door like her life depends on it, I will try to keep my focus on peace and God, who gives us ‘peace that transcends  understanding’.


2 responses to “PEACE

  1. What a wonderful day you had. I love reading this 🙂
    And love your photos!

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