We’re staying up here tonight and Peter is going to our house in the country tomorrow afternoon, taking his daughters, but that’s a whole ‘nother story……. Maybe I’ll tell some of it some day.

Tonight. Tonight we have ‘our’ Friday night. It’s kinda different because we don’t have to spend an hour packing and another hour driving to our house. We start our Friday night nice and early and we cook, instead of eating Lean Cuisine. Yep, that’s what we usually have when we arrive at our house in the country at 7.30pm at the earliest.

Because we’re staying here, our toddler can spend some time with us. Our, or my, so called toddler is a stray cat, who wore a collar for all of 24 hours, once, which declared his name on a bright, shiny, blue, engraved tag, “Buddy”. Then the collar vanished and he became a stray, hungry cat again, who likes to join us in the kitchen, standing up like our little toddler waiting for dinner. Well, that’s how I see it. He’s my toddler and I love him.

We nibble – camembert cheese. Buddy, our toddler darts in for a piece that falls onto the floor. Then he watches the sunset while a noisy, angry honey eater harasses him from the tree outside the screen door.

We cook – Golden Curry. Masses of it. I have two lunches and we have two dinners for next week! I get annoyed because Peter’s stirring isn’t really stirring. It’s some kind of scooping, so I do it myself.

Please excuse the teeth marks in these. I was pretending it was chocolate!

We watch – Spooks – Peter calls it ‘Snoops’.

We eat – Golden Curry and a block of Lindt orange intense.

We drink – bubbles with strawberries and Absolut mango vodka.

Then we drink – Birdwood Park Balingup Plum Port.

Peter washes the dishes and I blog. I blog about what inspires me. Friday night.

Buddy goes home to his real mother and some weird thing comes on SBS.

We love our Friday nights…… and our Saturday mornings…….

PS: I know! The lino. Don’t say anything! It was here when I bought the place 18 years ago! Lots has happened since then, but replacing the lino has obviously been overlooked!


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