VIP tix??! – not unusual?!

Seriously, on Saturday a girl friend from church (she’s at a different church now) phoned and asked if I wanted to go see Tom Jones with her.  Hmmmmmmm…………


She didn’t know I was a big fan from way back (don’t say anything!) and I didn’t know she had VIP tickets!!

We had soooooo much fun together. I’m smiling typing this. Soooooooo much fun.

What a night!!

I say again –


Thank you Tina. I leave you with my favourite photo. Now, let’s get this into context;

“I just want your extra touch and your…………KISS”


7 responses to “TOM JONES!! – IT’S NOT UNUSUAL

  1. …I think I’d better dance now…

  2. What fun was had!!!!! I like keeping things fun too…

  3. Woo hoo, looks like an awesome time! Hey he is wearing a cross, is the Tomster a christian? It was perfect you went, you are a bigger fan than I am 🙂

    • Yeah!! The cross! From what he said, I might think he is a Christian. He thanked God for the voice He gave him!! What does that sound like to you? These entertainment types want everyone to think they’re Christians though. Somehow I think they think you will love them more! Well he got me!!

  4. You’re deranged…………….

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