Please don’t think I’m bragging here, not that the bragging rights are mine at all, anyway. My husband, the author, can take full credit because I didn’t even know him when he co-wrote this book. Not that I would have been one ounce of help, even if I had been around, apart from cooking his meals and washing his clothes while he slaved away on his ground breaking creation “Obento Deluxe”.

In his words “Obento Deluxe is a way of using natural skills like listening and guessing as the avenue to speaking Japanese. Simple mnemonics are then used to teach reading through pictures.This is ground breaking because it takes very small amounts of recognition and turns them into enough understanding to communicate.” In Peter’s words “it just works.” OK, I was about to stop him there anyway! Thank you my love!

Obento Deluxe, Student Book, Workbook & Student Audio CD, Audio CDs and Teacher’s Resource Book by authors; Peter Williams, Sue Xouris and Kyoko Kusumoto. Cover photo by Aaron Pocock. Illustrations by Yoko Fujita, Mami Yamanaka & U-Suke.

Melanie, at Kimono Reincarnate holds Bookcase Tour Tuesday every Tuesday (or Wednesday, or Thursday) so pop in for a look and add your own book to the bookcase!



  1. Very cool Peter.

  2. He is a very clever one indeed! It looks like a great book and would have been lots more fun to study from that the text books I used.

    I hope you don’t mind, I blogged about your BTT submissions and borrowed a photo, I’ve been seriously slack recently!

    • Thanks Melanie. You’re the first person that I know of, to make a link to our blog. I’m more than happy to help out!

  3. WOW, Peter…
    I would love to read it too 🙂

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