I remembered this week. Last week was a long weekend, so I got my days all wrong. Sometimes I wonder if these little forgetful moments are a taste of bigger things to come!

Anyway, let’s forget about that.

I have a book to show you. Another book that we went to Japan to buy – Ikebana – A Fresh Look at Flower Arranging by Diane Norman & Michelle Cornell. I know! Not very Japanese sounding, but to quote from the book “Diane Norman is a master of the Ohara School, which is known for its modern interpretation of traditional styles. Michelle Cornell has an art history background, and together they have written a book that brings ikebana into the twenty-first century, explaining how its sculptural qualities and calm creative techniques are perfectly suited to today’s interiors, as well as being an ideal antidote to the stresses of modern living.”

I’m assuming the Ohara School is in Japan. Apart from that, I felt for a westerner like myself this book would be a perfect introduction to ikebana, since I have an obsession with the vases and need to learn what to put in them!

I’ll stop with the photos now. They’re not very good, I know. Sorry. Either the camera was on the wrong setting (and I can’t remember all the instructions) or it was way too late in the day when I got home to take them. It is such a beautiful book. We bought it at Kinokuniya Books in Shibuya.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea. You can join in the Bookcase Tour Tuesday event at Kimono Reincarnate and see beautiful photos of books taken by people who remember how to use their camera from one day to the next!




  1. What are you doing complaining about the photos! They are gorgeous! Such a gorgeous book, thanks for sharing! I’m running late with mine again, but did get three new ones for my birthday today (they arrived late), so may squeal with excitement about them tomorrow 🙂

  2. Thank you, Melanie. You are so kind. I hope you’ll show us you new books.

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