Another weekend has passed away…

OK, this is probably going to bore many of you. XTREME!!! Our weekend was NOT!

What has our life come to? Is it because we are middle-aged? Why do we crave weekends like this? Are we abnormal? Hmmmmm, somehow, I don’t think so.

We went to our house in the country on Friday night, after work. As long as we can wake up there on Saturday morning, we are happy. We have been known to drive down there at 2am, after some party or event we couldn’t possibly get out of, just so we could wake up there on Saturday morning, or afternoon, as the case may be.

So, number one one our wishlist – wake up at our house in the country on Saturday morning – ACHIEVED.

Number two on the list is to do nothing much all day Saturday – playing around on computer, gardening, filling up bird baths, laundry (yes, love this job), sun baking, reading, making coffees with the machine – also ACHIEVED.

Number three – and this is a biggie! Cook dinner for my beloved – “The man who makes me laugh” (and that is no mean feat!) – ACHIEVED.

Dinner this Saturday was La Fuji Mama’s Spicy Sobameshi. Oh my!! Thank you LFM (our little prayer of thanks that only she knows about). It was sensational! Sometimes I am amazed when I make something and it turns out so very edible and my beloved – “The man who makes me laugh” tells me I can make it again. Gladly! This one was sooooooo easy.

From this –

To this –

Almost in the blink of any eye!

Followed by this, just in case the kimchi wasn’t chilli-laden enough for us –

So, what else do we do, you ask? Well, we watch an episode of Spooks together. I gave my beloved – you know “The man who makes me laugh” (lots of cutting and pasting going on here), the boxed set for Christmas. Then we watch The Iron Chef and Rock Wiz and then some weird thing will come on SBS and we go to bed and theeeeeeennnnnnnn……….

We wake up on Sunday morning at our house in the country!

Apart from the birdsong, it is pure tranquility. (Oh, and the neighbour using a drop saw to saw bricks in his driveway next door. Oh, and the guy with a Harley across the road)

These birds make us wish we were back there. I asked that man (“The man who makes me laugh”) if we could buy a helicopter so we could commute during the week. There was no laughter this time. This is serious. We’re at our house in the city, getting ready for another working week. He’s upstairs ironing shirts and I’m downstairs blogging about our weekend that was. It was calm, beautiful, tranquil, peaceful and just us. Nothing Xtreme, but extremely perfect….


3 responses to “SUNDAY EVENING

  1. YAY! I’m so glad you liked it! It’s seriously one of my favorite things now—total comfort food! XOXO

  2. Apart from the neighbours it sounds like a perfect weekend, and a man who irons shirts, well that’s heaven!

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