We’ve just arrived back from down south.

This time last week we rushed back to take mum and dad to the airport. This week we are going to a movie fundraiser so again, we’re back in plenty of time to post our Shadow Shot. I took this shot last Monday down at the river.

It was a holiday and was it hot? Blistering!! There was barely any shelter from the setting sun. We ended up sitting behind a tree since there was no shade underneath. It was worth it for the sunset though and the cool(ish) breeze and the icecream on the way home.

I really love this little community of shadow shooters over at Hey Harriet. Anyone can join in Shadow Shot Sunday. Please head on over and have a look and there’s a giveaway this week too!


12 responses to “SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY

  1. awhimsicalsoul

    I absolutely adore the middle shot — something about it just gives a feeling of intimacy and warmth.

    Imho, darkness is the embodiment of an enveloping warmth, and I believe this picture exemplifies this perfectly

    • Thank you. I like your thoughts. There was lots of warmth that day, for sure. The darkness was so peaceful, especially down on the water’s edge.

  2. such great shadow shots, and the color of the sunset, thanks for posting

  3. Great shots, funny how we seem to get in on the shot ourselves sometimes. Changes the whole dynamic.

  4. Even on a hot day, the sight of long shadows leading to evening airs always seem to refresh the spirit! Lovely photos!

  5. That shadow on the tree is gorgeous! As is that amazing sunset photo! Icecream saves me through summer as I virtually live on it. Not terribly healthy I know, but oh-so-yummy 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. Thanks Tracy. You have a great week too. My husband and you have the ice cream thing in common!

  7. I love that shadow shot – and that sunset! Wow!

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