Today I took a wander back through our photos from Japan. I love doing that because it makes it seem not so long ago.

I thought something worth sharing is breakfast. No weetbix, toast or vegemite within cooee! Breakfast in Japan is an experience in itself. Some of the things we ate were surprising taste sensations and other things we ate, well, just didn’t seem edible.

OK. This is a safe one – melted cheese on toast with our daily latte from Dotour Coffee in Hakodate. BEWARE!  THERE  IS  NO  STARBUCKS  IN  HAKODATE!!!!!!

Next up we have one of our regulation Starbucks brekkies – the roll is ham and a kind of curry mayonnaise scrambled egg. I’m not sure what the quiche thing is, but this must have been a day when we were being particularly adventurous because we usually just had ham and cheese rolls (with lattes)

Here we have a delightful Western breakfast at the APA Hotel in Yukuhashi. One brekky we had here last time consisted of a kind of omlette with raw potato chips, as in French fries, in it. That was memorable! Also memorable were the phone calls to our room at 10am to see whether we were intending to come and eat our breakfast before lunch time!

These were a real eye opener! No, seriously. That’s what we were told. These are some kind of incredibly salty ‘thing’. I don’t know what they were. Maybe little, hard plums? The beautiful lady who brought us our brekky told us to eat these first and they would get our eyes wide open! We needed that. It was only 8.30am. We would usually have still been sleeping.

So, after our eyes were wide open we sat down to our kaiseki ryoori breakfast. I’m sorry, I can’t remember most of what this comprised but I do remember the nearly raw, cold egg in a cold, brown sauce. As much as I love the raw egg thing, for some reason I couldn’t stomach that so early in the day.

And this!!!? This is the surprising taste sensation! This cute little fish was absolutely DELISH! He was part of our kaiseki brekky (hmmm, that could catch on) at Senkei Hotel in Hakone Yumoto.

And then we have this. Actually it was so close to midday I’m not sure if you could even call it brunch. Sweet and sour prawn set in Ikebukuro.

Why is he smiling like that? This is our last and final farewell brekky at Starbucks at Narita. Why does he look so happy? We were leaving Japan! He always smiles for the camera. I love that about him. Have a guess what we’re eating/drinking.



  1. I miss my Japanese brekkies – especially the fish ones.

    Did you get any of the “Morning Service”? I think they may only be near Nagoya and Gifu… but maybe around Kyoto… it’s where you buy your tea/coffee at breakfast time and you get a free breakfast (often a boiled egg, toast and salad). I took advantage of those as often as I could.

    • I just asked Peter what Mooningu Saabisu was and from what I can work out, we never were out early enough to do this. Ha! Another excuse to go back! Thank you.

  2. Aaahhh… I sure am missing Japan now! Love the food there and their traditional Japanese breakfast.

  3. Hi,

    I love Japanese breakfast! Those type of food (grilled fish, miso soup, rice, pickles etc) is the food I used to eat at home while I was in Japan 🙂

    I know some foreigners don’t like kaiseki food much (my husband too :p ) Very different, isn’t it?
    I also can’t eat raw egg… but Japanese people love raw egg on top of steamed rice with soy sauce.

    I am going to onsen trip in Japan, so I will take some photos and update on my blog 🙂

    While I’m in Japan, every weekends my dad and I go to cafe nearby and order “morning” set 🙂

  4. Hi Ume
    Thank you for coming to have a look at our blog.
    Next time we go to Japan, maybe we will have the traditional breakfast again. I love having kaiseki ryoori for dinner. Our problem is that we like to sleep in too late, so we are usually not ready for someone to knock on the door at 8am with all that food.
    The egg! I like it cooked just a little bit and still hot – can’t stand it cold!
    I can’t wait to see the photos from your trip. Have a wonderful time!

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