Momiji!! That’s what we were hoping to see. We were early and we knew it, but we hoped that by some freak of nature, Japan would be awash with colour. Not to be, unfortunately.

So we bought a book. We brought it home with us. It is a permanent fixture on the bedside table and here is the tour of the “Autumn Colors of Kyoto” Photographs by Hidehiko Mizuno, Kayu Mizuno, Yasutaka Ogawa.

Page 55 – Traditional dried confectioneries in seasonal shapes and colours

Page 86 – Kibune Shrine

Page 82 – Genko-an Temple

Page 84 – Oharagawa River

My moody assistant pawing over the dust cover!



  1. I can’t believe you didn’t get to see any! The book is stunning! Thanks for sharing and joining in!

  2. Next time.. We haven’t seen cherry blossoms together yet either. That’s two more trips at least, or maybe we will have to stay a year next time!

  3. Oh my, those leaves are gorgeous. Especially those mysterious little lovelies spilling out of the jar ?! Such a nice change from the white we’re surrounded by at the mo!

  4. Hi Molly! The mysterious little lovelies are leaf- shaped candies. They have these with their tea in Japan. Even though they look like the sweetest candy, they actually have very subtle flavours.

  5. a perfect browsing book… beautiful images …and the velvety soft assistant too …. more perfection!

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