Our wedding anniversary – four years on 14 January!

We had six nights for our honeymoon in Margaret River in 2006. We celebrated our “six month together” anniversary while we were on our honeymoon! We knew that we were brought together by God and for God. Why waste time then?

So, our anniversary/honeymoon re-enactment – we had three nights in Margaret River. We loved every minute of it so very much and this time we knew each other just a little better than the first time ^-^

Peter fell in love with Blue Wrens on our honeymoon. He had never seen them until then. When I see blue wrens they always remind me of our honeymoon. They are ‘our’ special little birds.

Where we stayed

Our anniversary lunch – Voyager Estate

Celebrating back at the bungalow

4 years requires a lot of celebrating!

The actual Margaret River – we walked here from the Bungalow

Really cool picture of a bee on a blossom of some description

The honeymoon re-enactment was a week ago. It was a dream. That’s all I will say!!



  1. The food looks DELISH! How have you been? Been a while since I stopped by = )

    • Hiya GJ! Thanks for stopping by. We’re doing great, thank you. Still dreaming of when we will return to Japan, but enjoying life with each other in the meantime! I hope all is well for you too.

  2. oh meg, looks like you jsut had the most wonderful time. I’m so jealous re: Voyagers… that place is the best!

    Guess what, i JUST submitted my 23 page job app (like 10 mins ago – and that doesn’t even include my CV!) -I’m so excited, i actually have the rest of the day off now, and tomorrow too. Will be the first days off for weeks; bring it on! So yeah, getting OFF the computer now, and going shopping, eating and socialising!!!

    xxx c

    • You’re the first person I ever went to Voyager with, remember? I always remember our trip whenenver I go there. I loved that little time away with you such a long time ago..
      Praying for you to get your new job!! It’ll be good to have you back in circulation.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip! The food looks delish!

  4. Happy Anniversary! The place looks amazing and what a great idea to “re-enact” the honeymoon! Mmm… wonder if we can do a re-enactment for our honeymoon next year… the honeymoon was in Kyoto… 🙂

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