Peter visited his daughters on Boxing Day morning, so we were left to do a bit of touring around Perth. We all started the day in Fremantle at Dome for breakfast.

After Peter headed off we wandered the very quiet streets of old Fremantle Town. I have never seen it so quiet, but by the time we returned to the car, you could feel the impact (ever so slightly) of the Boxing Day sale at Myer. Actually, I saw about 20 people in there and would have spent tonnes of money, had I not had BFF’s shopping-phobic husband in tow! (Haha, thank you Marky! You saved us a lot of money!!)

Aerial view of Fremantle from Wikipedia

From Freo we drove around the river for a bit, then up the coast as far as Karinyup Road. We then took the freeway home to meet up with Peter, who had returned from his visiting.

We had a relaxing afternoon on the veranda, eating Christmas Day left overs, drinking bubbles and planning (loosely) our next couple of days.


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