Oh yes indeed! The day, the hour is drawing near when we find out if we’ve been naughty or nice!

Seriously, it’s beginning to feel a lot like mayhem!

Christmas time is such a time when all sorts of emotions that lie dormant all year resurface for their annual airing. Some good, some not so good. It’s all that family stuff and pressure to be and do – just be and do.

Be – organised
Be – happy
Be – ready
Be – thoughtful
Be – available
Be – accommodating
Be – flexible
Be – rich

Do – Christmas shopping
Do – end-of-year work party with husband
Do – more Christmas shopping
Do – trying to finish things up at work
Do – church
Do – bit more Christmas shopping
Do – wrap all those things you bought

It’s a very special time of year and I hope a time that we can all come together happily and share the love (basically) with family and friends. I do love it! Even though this is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth, it isn’t actually the day he was born. That was in September or October. I like to think possibly the same day as my birthday, but most probably not.

Anyway, I have a little shopping out of the way, but tomorrow is THE BIG DAY (or morning) that I hit the shops in earnest.

I found the cutest book online for my sister’s baby. He can’t read yet, but he can look at the pictures – they crack me up!

This is a real baby whose parents dressed him up and made a book. I never realised babies could be so much fun. Look!! They actually wrapped him up in tin foil for this photo! And he doesn’t even seem to mind!

So many girlie bits and pieces everywhere. The boys are almost impossible to buy for. Sorry boys. I will continue the quest tomorrow!


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