My, how time has flown. I have a thing about talking about ‘time flying’ and the weather. They are such inevitable things that happen without us. Why can’t we just get over it and find something interesting to talk about?

So anyway, yes time, as it does, has flown. Over a week actually, has flown past at the speed of light, it seems, even though it has passed by at exactly the same rate as it always does, so why the fuss?

Things to do.. Things to do.. So many things to do. For example, commence the Christmas shopping! Yeah, yeah. Well, I’ve bought one present! Managed to get something wonderful online, which I will blog about maybe next time, but here’s the etsy shop and here’s what I bought myself.

I know! A bit naughty, because I was supposed to be buying for others! For obvious reasons I can’t show you what I bought my sister. Although, if she was as devious as I am, she would read this post, click on the link to the shop, look at the feedback, find this necklace, then work out what other thing I had bought, just because she is pure genius. But she’s not as devious as I am, so I’ll be fine!

Now, the week that was, or rather the weekend that was, because our weekday activities are never worth blogging about – woke up, showered, dressed, went to work, came home from work, ate, showered, went to bed, woke up, showered …………… you get the picture.

We went to our house for the last time now until after Christmas. After Christmas my BFF from QLD will be here with her husband. We’re probably going to spend most of our time there and in the vicinity. Why? Because it is a house with bedrooms and bathrooms, unlike what we live in up in Perth. That is a town house with a bedroom, a bathroom and a room full of stuff waiting to be sorted out (which I will attempt to do when I get to that priority on my list, on which blogging is higher).

So, apart from cleaning our house, to bring it up to a hygienic standard, at least, we did some nice things together. It was just Peter and I, so no teenage tantrums, angst or drama to worry about this weekend! Yay!

We slept in, we got up late, we ate brunch together and had a barista (me) coffee. We pottered around, read the local rag, went and bought fillet steak for the barby and took out a DVD – Flight of the Conchords – hilarious to the power of hysterical! (like that?)

Of course we took photos, drank wine and did I say slept in? And got up late?

This is a photo of Peter’s favourite bird – the elusive and very-difficult-to-photograph Blue Wren (AKA Fairy Wren).

and this is a photo of my favourite bird – the not-so-elusive and not-so-difficult-to-photograph Magpie!

We did manage to make it to brunch on Sunday at our local cafe, overlooking the marina.

It was hot, hot, hot – the weather that is, but you know I don’t like talking about the weather.

I had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and Peter chose the banana pancakes with icecream!

Icecream for breakfast? Oh well, he missed out on it for dessert the night before, but hey, I just remembered we had an icecream on the way home that very evening, coated in chocolate! Why, oh why can’t we lose weight?

We’re counting sleeps now! It must be eight, until my BFF from QLD arrives, so it must be nine until Christmas day! Remember that? Counting sleeps makes it all so exciting doesn’t it? Let’s remember what it was like to count sleeps. It’s a good thing!



2 responses to “IS IT REALLY THE 16TH??!

  1. Have a great time with your BFF! I love what you bought yourself for Christmas and of course, I’m off to check out what you got for your sister too 😉

  2. Hee hee. You like a challenge! She had some gorgeous red pieces in her shop too!

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