Another weekend flown by..

Another Monday evening. Here we are, another week closer to Christmas holidays and all sorts of excitement!

This weekend we spent two nights and a day at our house in the stix!

It is a truly beautiful place to wake up at on a Saturday morning. That’s why we try to head down on Friday night, no matter how late. We’re on a peaceful little street and if you lie still and listen intently, you can hear the ocean. I remember discovering that the very first night we slept there and the sound of the waves sent us both to sleep almost instantly.

We do find ourselves longing for that kind of peace again, but it is rare and fleeting these days.

We went to the beach.

We put up the Christmas tree.

We did card making.

We had a barbeque.

We had fun, but we had tantrums too and lots of tears and finally we had peace and quiet and went to bed at about midnight.

On Sunday we headed further south to Biningup for my other niece’s 13th birthday.

The last birthday for the year and the littlest niece. Now, even the baby of the family (except for a late addition who is only one) is a teenager . That’s a bit sad and a lot scary! Where do the years go?

As we headed back to Perth the sun was setting on another weekend. We stopped for a photo shoot and the whole time I was thinking “eat your heart out The Pioneer Woman. These shots are going to be fantastic!”

I think The Pioneer Woman perhaps is not feeling too threatened by my ability (or lack thereof in the cattle/farm photographing arena). Maybe her cattle and her ranch are just so much more photogenic??

So there we have it. Another weekend. Some people got married this weekend and lots of other interesting events transpired. This is just our little slice of the great big pie!

And we thank God for every little bit of it – good and not-so-good!


2 responses to “ANOTHER MONDAY..

  1. What a beautiful looking weekend! The photos are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Melanie. Thank you. How did you go at the markets?

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