Thinking about where to start.

It’s been well over a week since last contact.

It’s also been over a week since I watered the plants on the balcony, over a week since I spoke to my BFF in Queensland (who will be here in just over three weeks), over a week since I attempted to clean up the office/spare room, over a week since I went to church and on and on and on.

So obviously a lot has been happening to keep me from these all-important tasks. Yes?

What will I tell you about?

On Friday night I hosted a “become” party. “become’ (yes, with a small b) is a range of ‘beauty and wellness products’. We had so much fun. You know, even though I was an Enjo consultant for a year I have never had a party plan type party of my own. Why? Oh, all the usual excuses; my house is too small/messy/hard to find, I have no friends, my friends don’t want to come/spend money/feel pressured, I don’t want to spend money/feel pressured and again, on and on and on.

Anyway I can now tell you. I love become, just like I love Enjo. It’s all just so good, healthy and beneficial. And…. I will get lots of goodies for half price and some free!! Therefore, I am looking at spending about $50 over the $100 budget I had set for myself?? Go figure. But I’m getting about $500 worth for about $200. It all makes perfect sense. But honestly, it is lovely!

All I can say is, don’t be scared of party plan! It was so much fun catching up with a great group of friends and really having a lot of fun!

So, yes, that was Friday night..

Saturday was our annual get-together for Chrissy drinks – this is another great group of friends, altogether separate from the above.

We eat, we drink…

We socialise, we drink…

We go a bit silly (quite silly actually)! I nearly dislocated my jaw laughing at this picture!! My funny, funny man!

It was fun, and another late night.

There’s so much I want to talk about, but I worry about boring you all and worry about no photos to accompany my ramblings.

Will I just say, this week I have fallen in love with ‘become‘. I have partied, I have arranged flowers, filled up bird baths, washed clothes, had serious chats about serious stuff with friends, gone walking with my husband and I have worked. I have wanted to blog, read books, read the bible, go to bed early, chat on the phone, cook gourmet meals and put the vacuum cleaner away.

One day….

one day..



  1. Sounds like lots going on and lots of fun! Life sounds good 🙂

  2. Thanks Kelly. Life is good mostly and the things that aren’t are still a blessing that we are thankful for!

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