I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since my last post. Sorry, I have not been managing my time too well, obviously. Our new thing is to not watch TV, except on Friday & Saturday nights. Now we sit at the dining table, eat like civilised civilians and chat about our day, our lives, our plans, our memories of our holiday and you know, just stuff.

It makes me wonder what we missed out on when we sat like a couple of stunned mullets in front of the box every night. It makes me wonder what most people are missing out on. So here we are tonight, not watching TV. I’m blogging and Peter has covered the table in important looking letters and scheduley looking things (Sheduley’s not a word. Yes it is. It means ‘schedule-like’).

Life has been pretty routine. We had our wonderful ‘us’ weekend at Dawesville (almost two weeks ago) and that is fading into the blur of the past, along with our holiday. But we hold tight to our memories. We still haven’t finished allocating a place for everything we brought back. Last weekend I had just a little time to do that and things are gradually finding their homes (while other things go into hybernation to make room). I’m so slow at this because I keeping getting distracted every time I unwrap something or I see something I want to photograph. Here are some of my distractions.

Vase by Morino Natsuko

Pillow Vase from Mitsukoshi 2008 trip

Magpies singing on the lawn

Ikebana Experiment

I had such a strong desire to be back here in Hakodate

Tomorrow’s Friday. We’re going to our house again for the night before driving back up to Perth for my niece’s 13th birthday.

Life is back to how it always was…


2 responses to “A THURSDAY EVENING

  1. I love the bunny table and the pillow vase. 🙂

    I love Mandurah way, it’s sooo relaxing and the beaches are beautiful. 🙂

  2. Thanks Kelly. It would be nice to have more time to relax, that’s my only whinge.

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