We’re off to our house this weekend. Peter is stuck with a pile of documents at work which he has to do something to before he comes home. That’s not pleasing, but it could be worse. I’m going to pack up the car and get ready. It’s going to be like a holiday because we have NO commitments to anyone or anything!

OK, update from Peter now. The girl who is bringing him home because she is having his guvvy (as they call it in the public service) car this weekend in preparation for needing it next Monday morning, will now pick him up after she has been to the gym (and he has well and truly finished doing the thing he needs to do to the documents)! He’ll be home around 6.30!!!! There goes our early escape. Oh well. It can only improve from this extremely annoying start! (Don’t you love how polite I am being here? Originally typed a swear word then changed it to a not-so-swear word and then just decided to try and be nice!! Haha. Coz we don’t want to start the weekend on a bad note, do we?)

When we do eventually get there, we might do a bit of this (minus the big polo neck jumper)


or this


Maybe this (again, wearing season appropriate attire)


Or even this (if weather doesn’t permit the above)


We will see plenty of these


and if we’re lucky, these little babies


But, as I said, NO commitments to anyone or anything.

Better get packing. Have a blessed weekend everyone..



  1. Lovely! Where are you off to? Hope you have a great weekend!

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