Just another Wednesday..

Ferris Wheel

Since we returned from our beautiful Japan trip, two and a half weeks ago, we haven’t turned on the TV!

Gora Rose

My mum said to me “Really? You haven’t watched the news? You didn’t know about ???” I think it was a natural disaster or an unnatural one – it was a disaster either way and I didn’t know about it until she told me. Not that me knowing made one ounce of difference to what happened. It just made me sad!

Lake Ashi

So, today I thought I would look at some news online – see what the world was up to. It was not pretty.

Gora Butterfly

There was a horror story about a rapist/murderer in America, a story about Nicole Kidman saying she likes weird and kinky sex games with her ‘wild’ husband (I don’t actually believe her. I think she was trying to sound ‘interesting’), another story about three girls drowning in a car in a lake somewhere in the US, a story about a paeodophile who used to live in Pinjarra, lots of photos of drunk and unconscious people at the Melbourne Cup yesterday and the ugly list goes on.


The least offensive thing I could find, whilst trying to eat my lunch was photos of celebrities who have had braces on their teeth! Yuk – makes me gag just thinking about those photos!

Flowers Odawara

So, another Wednesday in the world and lots of stuff happened and I keep the TV turned off again tonight, because, quite frankly, I don’t want to know.

Nagasaki Church

Is there any truth in the saying ‘what you don’t know, can’t harm you’? I hope so.

Photos compliments of Japan.



  1. The photo’s are beautiful 🙂

  2. Thanks Kelly. I love going back looking at them – all 2500 of them!

  3. That was such a kind and endearing comment you made. I just wanted to say hello, and Thank-you!

    • Hi April. You’re always welcome! Thank you for being a part of my blog world. I appreciate you reading and commenting and I love the way you open your heart and share so honestly on your blog.

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