Today was my friend’s wedding.


We’ve known each other since we were teenagers.

We’re in our forties now.

little girl

When you marry at this age it is a different story.

It is becoming a story that many people know. Sometimes a happy story, sometimes sad. Just like when you marry in your twenties (but different).


We are just beginning our story when many people are finishing theirs.

Our story is very much ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ without even having to try.

Our story brings tears to the eyes of those who witness our marriages, and they are different tears from when you marry in your twenties…


But it all means the same thing. We sail off into the sunset and we look forward to our life together until death separates us. God smiles….


2 responses to “WEDDING

  1. sigh what a lovely post M…

  2. Thanks K. I love these weddings so much!

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