Well, as I said earlier today, I would blog again tonight. I have a bit to add about Kimono Reincarnate and a bit of reminiscing to do.

First of all – good things happening! We’re going to my friend’s wedding on Saturday. Yep, 44, and friends still getting hitched. I’m actually counting on a few more weddings to celebrate in the next 12 months. I love weddings, more than anything really; probably as much, if not a bit more, than Christmas day! There’s just something so joyous about these two celebrations!


But what to wear? This is where Melanie from Kimono Reincarnate comes in. I’ve put together a morning wedding look with a touch of the orient. The bag and kanzashi brooch were lovingly crafted by Melanie. There is a story behind the bag. It’s a bit long so I’ll give you the abridged version.


Before we went to Japan I had mentioned to Peter how much I love Melanie’s bags and told him about a comment I had made on her blog about fantasising about him secretly buying me one of her bags. Well, needless to say, the seed had been sown (I didn’t do it on purpose – honestly, promise, cross my heart).

When I arrived back at work the first day after our trip, there was the box, waiting on my desk from Kimono Reincarnate. I thought Melanie had sent me something because she felt sorry for me, my holiday being over and all. As if the whole world has this sympathy for my situation! Talk about self-absorbed.

So, to continue. Melanie had sent me something; the gorgeous Kanzashi. What a beautiful, thoughtful, kind girl. I love it very much and I’m so pleased to have the wedding to wear it to, on my old faithful LBD. It has given it a new, very stylish and unique Japanese look.

Then there’s the bag! Yes, in the very same style and fabric I had fantasised about. Peter did secretly buy it for me. The whole time we were away I wondered why he was never overly enthusiastic about me buying the numerous Japanese influenced bags I thought I couldn’t live without. It all became clear Monday morning. He had wanted me to have something to cheer me up on the first day back at work! I am sorry, girls. He is all mine!

Now for the reminiscing. We’ve been back two weeks Saturday. It’s difficult to hold on to the special holiday feelings but I have the photos and I have the blog and I have Peter and he never stops remembering the wonderful time we had together. He never stops thinking about and planning our next trip either!

Our Hakodate



Kaiten Zushi



4 responses to “MEANWHILE, BACK IN PERTH

  1. Aaaaaaaw! What a sweetheart! Peter is a keeper!

  2. Oh you’re in Perth too, eh? 🙂

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