Yes, the day has come.

It is a day of conflicting feelings – sorry our holiday has ended but happy to be returning to our home and family and friends, even though I know after a week back I will be wishing we were still overseas.

You have all these ideas that when you get back, things are going to change. We’re going to start from scratch! We will make time to read at least one book in the year (I’m not exagerating here). We will be more organised with our time so we don’t run ourselves into the ground. We will take a holiday before another 18 months has elapsed. We will make time for regular exercise. We will make more of an effort to get together with family and friends. We will spend more quality time together! You know – all these grand ideas about making life more balanced. Then you return and before you know it you’re right back into the old routine and not having enough hours in the day, even for the basics, let alone anything that might be seen as self-indulgent, like reading a book for half an hour.

Well, we’ll see how we go.

Today we did very little again. A bit more wandering, a bit more shopping, a bit more sunbaking for me and a bit more exercise for Peter and, of course a bit more eating. Tonight we ate at Hip Katsu, in the Harbour City.

Just for the record, a lot of people have commented that all we seem to have been doing is eating. Well, in actual fact, we often missed lunch, having had breakfast at around 10 to 11am. I think the reason it looks like all we do is eat is because we have been photographing our meals.

I think I have discovered a new way of dieting. Photograph everything you eat every day for a week and then cross things out, like anything in batter, anything in creamy sauce, anything that is not green or red and then the next week only eat what you didn’t cross out from the week before. Photograph everything you eat in the diet week, compare photos and wonder what on earth you have been doing for the last week??!! Haha. Don’t forget to weigh in at the beginning of each week!


Now the night is coming to a close, as I really need to repack, yet again, hoping to fit in more (which won’t be that difficult) but not adding any weight, coz when we left Japan we were about 20grams off 40kg (obviously this is going to be impossible).

We will be back in Perth at around 11.30pm tomorrow night. No words come to mind now when I think about that, so goodnight all. Wish me luck with the packing!

… later.. (It’s Peter here as Meanie hits the suitcases). God has blessed us with a wonderful holiday. From the start when we arrived at Sapporo Chitose airport to find a cheerful airport attendant pulling suitcases off the carousel and placing them in neat lines – for the benefit of passengers coming late through immigration. I was surprised to see someone giving other people’s property such attention. It didn’t seem like it was the airport official’s ‘job’ to be doing that work, but he was doing it anyway – and cheerfully – oh, I said that!

And the young guy in Mistukoshi who wrapped 2 glasses cases we had just bought. Granted they weren’t the most expensive items in the store, but the attention he gave ‘wrapping them up’ made the process an event comprising many carefully executed stages which we had the privilege of watching!

Friends like Kenji and Yukako showed us the ‘real Furano’; Shinya and his wife and daughter drove us half way round Kyushu and treated us to several wonderful dinners; Rotarians from Yukuhashi – some I haven’t seen in 35 years welcomed with warm and generous hospitality and a night time ‘tsukimi’ (moon watching) party – on (apparently) the best night to view the moon in the year; my assistant teacher friend Himiko took us to Yokohama and some incredible views of Tokyo; the cool barista in Kyoto who made arguably Japan’s best latte.. and much much more.

Then we came to Hong Kong and found 90% of produce in the ‘City-Super’ being Japanese – and all the Chinese staff in ‘Hip Katsu’ tonight all calling irrashimase – as anyone arrived (Japanese or not)! What an adventure! And Megan has battled Internet trauma on a regular basis to bring you her dispatches, crafted with honesty and love, for Japan, our holiday and you our kind readers!

Megan has asked if I’ll add some pictures, as she reckons ‘just words’ gets a bit boring.. so, here are a few more moments..










2 responses to “DAY 28/28 – OBVIOUSLY OUR LAST DAY!

  1. I am loving those pants… your last day? But the FOOD…. I’m trying not to expand my hips … so I’ve been keeping away from anything fried.. but my gosh.. it looks DELISH.

  2. Thanks April. We’re well and truly back home. The pants are still being worn on weekends and definitely no more fried food for me either. How I’m missing it all.

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