Well, as I previously mentioned (I think), we are treating our time in Hong Kong as though we are on holiday. That means we decided not to try and jam 50 tourist activities into the two and a half days we have here.

I feel a bit bad because we’re not going out and having new and exciting adventures and blazing the way for anyone else who might want to know what they can see and do in Hong Kong.

Also, I haven’t attached many links throughout the whole time we’ve been away. The main reason for that is because every time I did a google search while we were in Japan it came up with Japanese websites, which, while probably giving the impression that we are ever so cosmopolitan and multilingual, is not very useful for most people. If I get time when we get back, I’m going to attach links that might be helpful for anyone wanting information about Japan.

So, back to today. All we have done is Starbucks for coffee, blueberry scones and a fruit platter, then a wander around Harbour City, looking at all the desingery stuff we won’t be buying!



We returned to the Langham (pronounced Lang Ham) at around 2pm and went straight up to the pool – yes pool! I sunbaked while Peter did a giant work out at the fabulous gym (if gyms can be described as fabulous). It was pure luxury to sit by a pool, just like being on holiday in Bali. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a bar in the vicinity. Perhaps that’s a good thing though. We’re both feeling great now. Peter is thinner and I’m browner!

We’re back in room 1330, drinking champers and eating French camembert on Ritz biscuits! This represents lunch.


I’m blogging early because we have only paid for internet for 24 hours from 5pm yesterday. We’ll log in again tomorrow, but thought it a waste to pay another $30 now for another 24 hours, much of which we will be sleeping or out. Internet is free everywhere you go in Japan, but Hong Kong is a different story.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner (of course) and tomorrow I think we will make a trip to the Peak at night. You know how much we love the night time view/scenery.

So until tomorrow, lovelies, God bless. We’ll being seeing some of you really soon; really, really soon!


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