Well, here we are in Hong Kong. The departure from Japan went like clockwork this time around. We learnt some lessons last time, obviously, like to check there are no fluids in the roll on bag that is filled up with fragile souvenirs we have been stashing away as we go. Even if there are just little 10ml bottles of ‘air’ scented oil or 50ml of hydrangea room spray (things we can’t buy in Perth!), somehow this all adds up to being very dangerous and not allowed out of Japan in hand luggage. We really learnt the very hard way last time, so there was not even a hint of anything liquid – not even a wet tissue from all our crying as we said ‘goodbye Japan’.



Tonight we popped out for a quick dinner and look around and are back in our room. We’re going to watch a Japanese movie called ‘252 Signal of Life’. Sound good? It’s about a giant earthquake and a giant typhoon (of course) in Japan. It’s probably a bad choice but a bit more interesting than Terminator (three? or whatever number they’re up to) or something staring Renee Zellweeger (or whatever her surname is).


We’re starting our relaxing holiday in Hong Kong tonight! The Langham is lovely. I had forgotten that we had decided to stay in a very nice hotel for the last three nights of our trip, so it was a bit of a surprise. We’re happy with this and just taking it easy tonight.

Goodnight all – movie is about to begin.

UPDATE: Ohhhh, that movie was sooooo bad…..


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