DAY 25/28 – IN DENIAL!

25 days just seems so very inadequate to describe all we’ve done, all we’ve seen, everywhere we’ve been and all the love we have received! If I told you it all, you wouldn’t believe it! I don’t believe it myself. It actually occurred to me tonight that the amount of stuff we have done has been outrageous!!

Today we decided not to go overboard being tourists and had to give Tokyo Disneyland a miss. Instead we went to Tokyu Hands – CLOSED! We also went to the Imperial Palace – CLOSED!


Was someone trying to send us a message here? So we decided to cut our losses and go one more time to Loft where we found the cutest little cutlery rests (like hashi oki, but for a knife and fork) that are like long silver sausage dogs. Hmmm, sorry, bit hard to describe and I have already packed them so can’t take a photo. Perhaps when we return to Perth and there is nothing at all worth blogging about, I will post photos of all the funky little homewares we found!

The most amazing thing happened when we returned to our room too! I walked in and looking out the window, stated “Well, it looks like our first night was the only night we could take photos of the view – OMG!!! I think I can see Mt Fuji!!”. WE COULD SEE MT FUJI and what an absolutely awesome surprise it was! We now have photos of Fuji San from the plane, from the shinkansen, from the Hakone Ropeway and from our hotel room at the Metropolitan in Ikebukero! Better than the trifecta!

Oh Fuji

After the sun had set and we had toasted Fuji San and our last night in Japan, we headed out to dinner at Tokyo Thai – Tinun The Noodle Bar, in the Metropolitan Plaza. I know.. our last night in Japan and we eat Thai.  We’ll probably be sorry ourselves, in a few weeks time, but honestly, this is the yummiest Japanese Thai you could wish for.

Spring Rolls

So, tonight we are fairly much on a tight schedule. We arrived back to the hotel at 7.30pm and I commenced the arduous task of unpacking absolutely everything and repacking it into our two suitcases, one of which has been ‘takkyubinned’ ahead of us for the whole trip. We finally caught up with the monster case here in Tokyo, packed her to the max and hopefully, with her little sister we’re weighing in at under 40kg altogether, ready for our flight to Hong Kong tomorrow. We won’t talk about the 15 or so kilograms we have already posted back to Australia!

We’ve booked the limousine bus for 7.00am and I guess we might be saying a prayer that:

1. We wake up on time and,

2. It doesn’t take more than an hour and a half to get to the airport. Our flight is at 11am.

OK, as I look out our panorama window now and listen the constant train traffic (and Peter’s Braun shaver), I’m saying a bit of a teary farewell to Japan already. This is gonna be the last blog from here.

Sayonara from Japan (for now) and God bless you. We will see you in Hong Kong. How do you type tears? Sob sob….


6 responses to “DAY 25/28 – IN DENIAL!

  1. Hurry home – its too quiet in the office!!! Miss you terribly x

    • Seriously? You missed me? I can imagine how dreary it must be for you having to sit there opposite Charlie, working away feverishly! Haha. See you Monday! I miss you 2, BFF x

  2. So sad that it’s over, but you have had such an amazing time! I can’t believe that you got to see Fuji-san again! What a view from that hotel room!

    • I thought of you (and La Fuji Mama and Michael Kasdan) as soon as I woke up this morning. How much harder it must have been for you saying ‘goodbye’ after actually living in Japan! Anyway we’re in HK now, ready to do some relaxing!

  3. Thanks for calling me in the morning, and sorry for couldn’t pick it up — I left my mobile phone in my room today! Anyway, I hope you have had very good time in Japan and I look forward to seeing you in Perth next time.

  4. Wow, that photo is it of Fuji, with the orange sunset? It’s beautiful! Love all the food pics too.
    It all goes too quickly but you have some wonderful memories there 🙂

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