This month has disappeared so fast, in one sense. On the other hand it feels like we have spent such a special part of our life (just this month) in Japan, where we longed to be and worked hard to be and dreamed of being and are and will be for a couple more days!! Did you get all that? All I can say is that it has gone too fast and all those yucky feelings about finishing up a holiday are lurking in the background (but I will do my best to not let them spoil the next FIVE BIG DAYS OF OUR WONDERFUL HOLIDAY TOGETHER!!!!)

We moved rooms in our hotel today, from a stinky smokers room on the 16th floor to a deluxe non-smoking room on the 22nd floor. Wowee, we are feeling completely blessed. We have some more photos of our view, which you will see, is even more spectacular from here. I think, if the sky clears on the horizon, we may be able to see Fuji San (another photo for our collection)!

Views from our Room – Take 2



Night View


We didn’t do too much today – really just one outing that was planned and that was a visit to Kinokuniya Books in Shinjuku. There are nine floors of books and the seventh floor is English books. We showed amazing restraint – AMAZING (sort of). We’re beginning to worry about the weight of our cases.

We spent a couple of hours in Shinjuku. They close the streets within the city on a Sunday so that the multitudes can wander aimlessly without having to worry about being run over! What an insane place! By the end of it (as those who know me well would know), I had had quite enough and was very happy to squish into a train and head back to the hotel in Ikebukuro.

Snow Sprite Shinjuku

(I like to think it was a snow sprite and not some demonic creature – really quite spooky)

Snow Sprite

Shinjuku Sunday Wandering


Today reminded me that Hong Kong was going to be even more crowded, her footpaths a swarm of aimless wanderers, erratically cutting in front of you or stopping dead for no reason.

I felt like I was a magnet today. People who were three feet away would begin to drift into my path and before I knew it I was tripping over them. Then there were others who were stationary for minutes before our approach, but would decide at the precise moment of our reaching them that they needed to launch themselves into our path, whilst still on that all-important phone call. There were others – and I did notice that I wasn’t the only one who was just slightly annoyed and bewildered as to why moving in a straight line from A to B was an impossibility!

Anyway, after our slightly frazzled day we have our absolutely lovely room, with its (thanks Mum – no apostrophe) incredible view. We ate at a Korean (I think) restaurant and we’re winding down now. It is almost midnight, after all.

I hope everyone is going great. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again! Until tomorrow, God bless..


2 responses to “DAY 23/28 – I DIDN’T WANT TO TYPE THAT!

  1. Love, love the photos!!!! How long will you stay in Japan?

    • Hi April. Sadly we leave on Wednesday. We’ve been travelling the length and breadth of Japan since 19 September. It is gonna be very hard getting on the plane!

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