Well, hello all! We have reached Tokyo and boy, am I glad to be back online. I’ve felt so cut off for the last couple of days and it kind of makes you a bit homesick, when you are used to having email availability every single day! Even 18 months ago we managed with very limited contact when we were here, but now I must have internet-dependency (NOT good!!).

Views from our room – 16th floor



So, since I last blogged from Nagasaki, we have travelled up to Hakone (about an eight-hour train trip), spent three nights there and then today, did our last stint on the Shinkansen from Odawara to Toyko (about 35 minutes). It was quite a sad occasion, knowing that it would be our last ride on the Shinkansen (we will be using local trains around Tokyo).

It’s going to be even sadder on our last trip to Loft, our last time of saying ‘arigato goziamashita’ (you must leave out the last ‘i)’, our last time of hunting down a bottle of champers in the departo, our last time for repacking the suitcase (actually, not), our last time of washing in the basin (not, again), our last time for blogging from Japan (until next time) blah blah blah – you get the idea.

Peace Park – Nagasaki

peace park

I might just finish up with a whole stack of photos for now – we have taken about 2500 (seriously!!).

Kaiseki Ryoori – Nagasaki

(Yes, that is a hollowed-out lime containing fish eggs – oh, yummmm!)

kaiseki Nagasaki

Kaiseki Ryoori – Hakone Yumoto

(Yep – a few days after the above, in a different place)

kaiseki ryoori


Hakone Ropeway – over Kowakodani

(Live volcano)


Little boy getting Peter’s signature after a quick interview, as part of his English lesson excursion

(Peter did 2 interviews & I did one, before we escaped. There were about 30 kids looking for gaijins to practice English on. There were about 5 gaijins on the cruise. One of the questions was “Can I take a picture with you?”. I wonder if they would have understood “sure, if you want to break your lense”. Hahaha We had to sign their book at the end of the interview as proof that they had completed their assignment. They were so earnest and so sweet! I will say that now, because when I get back I will cry if I try to say it!)

Peter signature

Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi

My bathroom for the last three nights


Tori Gates – Lake Ashi

Tori gates

I’m going to do a special blog for Fuji San!

See you soon.


One response to “DAY 22 – ARRIVE TOKYO!

  1. So glad you’re back in touch again. We’re still loving the pictures. Hate to bring you down to earth but can you soon send us your return details.Lots of love.

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