Today we took it a little easy. We don’t want to overdo things, do we?

We took a trip to Namba and a long walk down a shotengai and back and then caught a couple of trains home (back to Kyoto).

Length and Volume


The “plant & bike” department in Muji

Hmmm, I'll take an agave and a Malvern Star thanks!

Hmmm, I'll take an agave and a Malvern Star, thanks!

Free period in the shotengai


Dinner – Mima Deli



Our third day in Kyoto. We’re trying to work out how long would be long enough really. Next time, after we have spent our month in Hokkaido, hmmm, about a month in Kyoto??…  Maybe spring time? Then again, maybe when there’s snow. Is there skiing somewhere? Dreams and decisions – may the two collide gracefully!

See you tomorrow beloved…


2 responses to “DAY 13/28 – QUICK TRIP TO OSAKA

  1. Hi guys! Ray says that all you must be doing is eating!!! Interesting stuff, and great photos! This is truly one trip of a lifetime!
    We’re doing fine, we’re planning on dropping in at Katherine’s birthday thing next weekend. We haven’t had a home group, I guess we just need both of you for it to happen.
    Love, Sheila and Ray
    PS Keep on enjoying every minute!

  2. LOVE your people photos! Can I just say for the millionth time how jealous I am?

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