With Megan taking a self-guided initiation to the 13th floor bath house of our hotel, I’m on blog watch.  This, while the cross-walk outside below cheeps incessantly. That said, Hakodate is a quiet place for a 250,000+ population.

We love Hakodate – and this time we get to spend a whole day here. The fish markets opened at 5am. We arrived fashionably later around 9 and explored the maze of fish stalls, sushi stands and an interesting display of a squid head dancing on rice. Kekkoo desu (No thank you!). The scale of the fish-related activity which takes place here on a daily basis is hard to take in. Everything looks fresh – especially if its not moving. Crabs, squid, salmon eggs, sea urchin, flounder and thousands of others.


The market tour distracted us from breakfast and we were too late for the ‘Viking breakfast’ at the Kokusai hotel where we stayed last time, but we did find a bridal salon – as you do when all you want is a meal.


Back into the main street and not far away was this small café with a nice European flavour – like much of Hakodate.

‘Saltim Bocca’


About 200 metres away is the Hakodate Meijikan – one of the many converted red-brick warehouses built in the early 1900s which are now home to stunning glass houses and exquisite craft shops.


We set a good number of pieces free to journey in our suitcases to Kyoto, Kyushu and Tokyo. Many more were photographed!



Back to the wharves and the warehouses and more stunning jewellery, crafts – many traditional designs and all presented beautifully.


We lunched on beer and pizza. Yum!

P1000927 P1000930

For dinner we found a tiny restaurant, among probably 50 more in two or three narrow laneways back from the main street. We shared gyooza (pork dumplings) and yakisoba (fried noodles with port and vegies). Totemo oishikatta! (Yum)

P1000950 P1000952

Tomorrow we’re off to Matsushima!


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