We left Furano today. Hiro, the owner of Tsuru kindly gave us a lift to the station at 8.30am – very early for us, so I think I may have been in a bit of a daze, because it seems so long ago now.

Farewell to the belly button of Hokkaido

Final farewell

We returned to Sapporo (how we love this place) and had an hour at the station before our train to Hakodate. We managed to sneak in a Starbucks coffee (there was no Starbucks in Furano and, unless things have changed, is not one in Hakodate either!). We also made a dash to Daimaru to spend just a couple of bucks (luckily we only had about 10 minutes) and Peter bought us our Ekiben for the train.


Then we were off on our three hour trip, passing by familiar scenery, however this time, minus the snow. It was very different to see sandy beaches instead of snow.

View from the train

We arrived in Hakodate about 3.30pm, went straight to our hotel, changed and marched up the hill to the ropeway. We have a fantastic view from our hotel room straight up to the top of Mt Hakodate. The night time scenery from the top was amazing, or should I say ‘I’m sure it was amazing’. It was almost impossible to get a look thanks to about three thousand people all trying to do the same thing. We actually didn’t spend too much time up there, purely because it was chaotic with so many people. We were also starving by that time.

Bloody Tourists!

Bloody tourists


Dinner was at a revolving sushi place which we saw last time we were here but didn’t have the opportunity to try. It was de-luxe.


We’ve had another absolutely wonderful day and we’re looking forward to a whole day of exploring Hakodate tomorrow. This is the town we fell in love with in less than 24 hours last time, and we are so excited to have longer here this time!!!

Autumn 2009                                       Winter 2008

street winter street


2 responses to “DAY SEVEN/28 – FURANO TO HAKODATE

  1. Love your Autumn/Winter photos – funny how the same place can look so different! All the food looks divine, still not many veges though! Have a great time in Hakodate. We start the Royal Show tomorrow, so may not check your blog for a day or two. Have fun, hel xoxo

    • Thank you! How did the sheep turn out? I hope it all goes well at the show. We’ll be thinking of you and certainly not sorry to be missing all that royal show traffic etc. Anyway, have fun. Luv M x x

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