Another day of being stunned and amazed. How can we love Furano so much?

IMG_0502Population: 25,000

Weather: Sunny 21 degrees

Terrain: Mountainous (like really, really high mountains, NOT like the Darling Ranges)

Atmosphere: Peaceful/relaxed/peaceful/relaxed/peaceful

Occupation: Agriculture/hospitality

Today we spent the day with Kenji and Yukako.

We first met Kenji 18 months ago (through a friend of Peter’s). He waited three hours (I think it may have been a lot more than that) for us at the New Chitose airport in the winter of 2008. When the airport was snowbound, with no trains or transport out, Kenji literally rescued us!

He also took us skiing on a mountain and we live to tell the tale. He is an amazing instructor and so very patient.

Today Kenji and Yukako were the most wonderful, friendly hosts and in true Japanese style, nothing was too much trouble. They took us driving, showing us the true Furano! We could not have asked for a more awesome day with both of them!

The true Furano is farming – potatoes, onions, rice, root vegetables, like daikon, asparagus, corn, melons, and there are vineyards! Miles and miles of patchwork fields, tonnes and tonnes of onions waiting to be taken to market, golden rice waiting to be harvested and freshly cleared paddocks, waiting now to be covered in their snow blanket until next spring.


The true Furano is mountains!


The true Furano is nature!


We saw foxes. I want to see bears! They are just up the road, but Kenji says they are dangerous. I don’t believe him. Bears in the neighbourhood!! This is the true Furano!


By the end of the year the true Furano will be SNOW. The bears will be hybernating but the skiers and snowboarders will be in the neighbourhood. Why does hybernating sound so lovely to me?

Furano is indescribably beautiful. Like no other place on Earth.


This evening our friends came to our apartment and cooked Okonomiyaki for dinner. They have made our day so very special! Thank you Kenji & Yukako, so much!!



4 responses to “DAY FIVE/28 – FURANO

  1. Yum! Do you remember when the Japanese students cooked at mum and dad’s house? The most divine………. but you are eating that sort of stuff every day. I am GREEN!!!! hel xoxo

  2. Yes, I do remember. I told Yukako about it last night. We would love to cook it for you when we get back. We have had lessons from the experts!

  3. I am sat here with my doggy feeling so jealous. Sounds absolutely amazing,and it is making me feel very very hungry. Carry on updating and enjoy. Ps love starbucks too

  4. Thank you for reading. I’m trying to update every day but it gets later and later. I don’t want to rub it in, but we are loving every single second and every single mouthful!

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