We arrived in Furano this afternoon at 2.50pm. It’s late now and I’m a bit too tired to blog, so here are images from our day. Now can you see why I’m so tired?







Train Journey from Sapporo to Takikawa to Furano


Tsuru Apartments Furano


Now we can relax!

See you tomorrow.


4 responses to “DAY FOUR/28 – SAPPORO TO FURANO

  1. Fabulous looking food, gorgeous scenery! And wow! That apartment, you don’t see a lot like that in Japan.

    • The apartment is gorgeous and new. It’s bigger than our house in Perth. You should see the view today. It’s stunning!

      • I want that food!! Try and get some vegies in! Hope you are both well and happy. Lloyd loved his email and photo – he chickened out with most piercings and only got the two on the bottom lip. He’s saving the rest for another day! Oh well, we can but pray…. have a great day! hel xoxo

  2. Ohhhh, I’m so relieved about the piercing he didn’t get! I’ll be sad to see that beautiful lip full of holes when I get back though. Anyway, as long as he felt loved and special on his birthday!

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