Today we managed to get started a whole half an hour earlier than yesterday!

First up, breakfast at Starbucks – two lattes, one hamu chiizu rooro and one mushroom chiizu rooro (my venture into the unknown).


Next stop – Sapporo JR station to exchange our rail pass vouchers for actual rail passes – GREEN CAR, of course darling! We also booked a few legs of our train journey – Sapporo to Furano, Furano to Hakodate, Hakodate to Matsushima, Matsushim to Kyoto! So we’re ready to roll tomorrow.

We then caught a cab to Nijo fish markets. I’ve never been to a fish market before. It was a very interesting display – octupus tentacles, fish roe of every size and description, sea urchin roe, dried squid and scallops, fish eyeballs, crabs, yucky live things in shells (I can’t even say the word), live scallops, big and small fish, of course, live crabs, dead crabs (same with prawns), live cockle shells and mussels and I’m sure lots of other things I was happy not to be able to identify!

We had lunch there – the freshest sushi available to mankind! I’m sorry to all the people who just read that and groaned with pure envy!


We then walked back to our hotel, stopping at a fabulous department store, Marui Imai. We were looking for a supermarket and I remembered reading that all department stores have a supermarket in the basement, so conveniently this one appeared before our very eyes and it was almost as fabulous as Mitsukoshi! A bottle of Furano lavender-scented wine, a bottle of sake and a box of very special chocolatey things from Ishiya (milk and white chocolate) later, we scurried off before we went overboard. We are saving the Ishiya chocolate things for a special occasion, like when we’re one kilo off a combined weight of 150kg!



We decided to fill in a little time before dinner by browsing around in Seibu and Loft, which are connected. We also found Muji, located on the sixth floor of Loft! Hmmm, convenient desu ne?

Oops, forgot to mention stumbling upon the Hokkaido Government office building just around the corner from our hotel. What a find! It was built in 1888 and surrounded by tranquil gardens and water features, it now stands amidst modern office blocks and high rise apartments.



We wanted to try a local specialty, soup curry, for dinner so trekked up to Susukino, burning up thousands of calories as we power-walked, to Garaku Soup Curry & Beer. We thought the soup curry would also be a good idea because in the photos we had seen there were vegetables. I am sad to say, not one vegetable has passed our lips since we left Perth (probably more concerned than sad, in truth).

I ordered the chicken and Peter, the lamb. We felt very pleased with our choice of dish and restaurant. The food was scrumptious and unique to the region, so it felt like a good tourist thing to do.



We’re back in our room again, blogging, pigging out on chocolate, drinking wine & sake and winding down on our last night in Sapporo. We have decided ‘next time’ we are going to spend a week here!

By the way, we did do tonnes and tonnes of walking today, seriously……

TV Tower - On our walk back

TV Tower - On our walk back



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