We slept in! We weren’t going to do that this time, but we really were very tired and our room isn’t the quietest during the night.

Anyway, when we finally left the room at 10.30am we went for breakfast at Starbucks, downstairs. This became our little morning ritual last time we were here – 2 lattes and two hamu chiizu rooru (hot ham and cheese rolls). In saying that though, I might try to venture into the unknown tomorrow and have something different.

P1000278Next stop – Loft!! Loft is the most heavenly department store. We went our separate ways, meeting up at half hourly, then hourly intervals. We could have spent all day in there.

My favourite part of Loft today was the pet shop (and I couldn’t even buy anything).


Peter is in love with the stationery department and between the two of us we came home with some very kawaii booty. We will definitely have to visit Loft again, because one visit is only scratching the surface!

From Loft we went back to the Autumn Fest to check out the arts and crafts and have a very late lunch of scallop ramen.

IMG_0253We then caught a train and street car to Mt Moiwa to check out the famous view at night – yes it was dark by the time we got there (that’s how late lunch was).  We went on the ropeway and as we travelled up the mountain the view became more amazing by the second. Truly awesome!


So today we were all touristy for most of the day.

On the way home we stopped in at a department store supermarket in Susukino for our nightly snacks – kakinotane & peanuts, Meiji chocolate coated macadamias, sake for Peter and Rose for me. Oh and fresh cream chocolates and wasabi peas and and and… we had to get out of there. We were like two kids in a candy shop!

So, now we’re back in our room, snacking and blogging and relaxing and checking out what we will do tomorrow. So good night, for now. We still can’t believe how much we love it here!


9 responses to “SUNDAY – DAY TWO (OUT OF 28)

  1. You are making me SO “homesick”!

  2. Loft!! You went to Loft!! Now I really am jealous! Loft and Tokyu Hands are my two favourite places to shop – and yes, it is very easy to spend a day in either of them. You’re so lucky that you have a man that’s happy to shop in there too 🙂

    It’s funny, I don’t go near Starbucks in Australia, but am an addict when living in Japan.

    Continue to enjoy and making me jealous 🙂

    • We are in heaven here. We don’t even have a Starbucks in Perth, so we have waited all this time to get back to Japan and our little morning ritual. I feel like we are so deprived in Perth. We also don’t have any decent department stores. I know it sounds like we just come here to shop, but isn’t Japan just the most awesome place to do it.

  3. Hahahaha, I’m with Melanie! I NEVER go to Starbucks here in the US, but I LOVED going in Japan! Go figure!

  4. Glad you are having a wonderful time…. and getting some exercise in! It is still raining here in sunny Perth and I am so over it!! oh well, down to the shed to feed the bloody babies…… roll on Karratha :o) xoxo

  5. Yeh you are there!!! Hopefully the tiredness has passed and you are a bit more awake. Didn’t the stillys work? Anyway don’t worry about us sitting in the office with it pouring with rain outside, ha not!

  6. Glad to read your arrival was safe. I trust you slept well on the plane zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Thanks Heidi! Meds are working a treat, thank you! Had a fantastic nights sleep last night! We are having an amazingly awesome time!

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