We have arrived!!

Update after we get back from dinner with Kenji.

10.08pm WOW!!! We are finally here in Sapporo! We’re so tired we can hardly think straight, not having really been to sleep since Friday morning.  Subsequently, this probably isn’t going to be the most exuberant of posts, however I do want you all to know that we are over the moon to be here! How we love the island of Hokkaido!


Tonight we met with our friend Kenji and a previous colleague of his, Ayako. It was so wonderful to see his smile again and to make another friend. They very kindly escorted us to the Sapporo Autumn Fest, a festival of all things Hokkaido. It was like a food and wine festival, really. The aromas were indescribable in the best possible way. We wandered around for bit, then Kenji treated us to some of the delicacies of the region, Shioyakisoba, ika fry and another noodle dish, the name of which escapes us (sorry). We also bought a bottle of Sapporo wine. Again, the name has eluded us. We’re such slack bloggers. Well, we’re kind of new to this and it probably drove our hosts insane, having to stop every five steps to take a dozen photos.


Anyway, we ended the night at Starbucks. Many people will frown upon our love and devotion to Starbucks, but there’s something special about that American chain of about a million coffee shops.  Peter was in the mood for his old favourite, cafe latte and I (having decided to venture into the unknown this trip and try as many of their outrageous deviations from what we know as coffee) had the creme brulee machiatto! I always order the creme brulee. I’m ashamed to say I quite liked it.


After returning to our room, Peter decided to pop out for our treats. We can’t have a night without our Meiji chocolate coated macadamias, our rice cracker and peanut ‘delicious nuts’ and a little sake (or apple Rose, in my case) nightcap.


We are collapsing from lack of sleep and I will probably look at this post tomorrow and cringe or something. I am typing this in my sleep. Good night from Sapporo everyone. We’re thinking about you all!


2 responses to “SATURDAY – DAY ONE – THE ARRIVAL

  1. Glad it all went smooth this time. Bet you two are going to come home looking like Sumos!! Take care and keep updating. hel xoxo

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