Well, the day has finally arrived!!! Don’t ask. Of course we’re excited. Well, excited as can be. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to be ‘excited’ because at the moment I just feel tired and a little panicy and sort of grumpy and I haven’t started packing yet. So for those who know me well, you will know I’m not really feeling any different from usual!

Peter has escaped (I suppose that’s what it feels like for him). He has gone to pick up dry cleaning, drop plants and keys at Mum & Dad’s, arrange redirection of mail for the month and into Freo to look for presents for our friends in Japan! I hope he gets back in time for the taxi. In the meantime I have been left to ‘potter’ and do the packing. I had better get started.

The following image is of our ‘bed’ at Narita airport where we slept the first night of our trip in February last year! “You can’t sleep at Narita!” I hear you say. Oh, but we did. But that’s a story for another time…


If I have time I will blog again before we leave, but if not, ‘sayonara’ until we touch down in Japan!!!!!! Woohoo!


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