Now we’re at the point where we really should be saying “three more sleeps”! Actually, I wish I could sleep from now until when we go, I’m so tired. I know how very excited I should be, but at this point I am just feeling kind of relieved that we are actually going to have all this time off work. I think the excitement will really kick in when we get to the airport, through online check in and up to the duty free shop! Yep, I can feel the excitement building as I type!

Today’s Japan preparation was performed by Peter. We have decided that it would be really handy and smart to have a mobile phone each, so that when I want to go my own way (take that as meaning shopping, shopping and more shopping) we will be able to maintain contact and not get horribly lost (that would be me).

So Peter has hired us a phone each from Rentafone Japan. Does everyone know that it is a pain in the neck, expensive and sometimes impossible to use your Australian mobile phone in Japan? Well it is. That’s why we’re doing it this way. It is much easier and cheaper.

So there’s our little bit of a tip for travelling to Japan.


On the weekend, our last weekend in Australia for over a month, we stayed at Dawesville and did the family thing with Peter’s girls. We had a little, early birthday party for the soon-to-be ‘teenager’, cleaned up in preparation for visitors while we’re away and practised some more on the new camera. I will leave you with photos of our very own ‘Japanese’ garden. It really needs some TLC but that is going to have to wait.




7 responses to “TUESDAY – 3 DAYS TO DEPARTURE!

  1. Wow, the new camera continues to work miracles – love the one of the new leaves coming through on branch. Can’t believe you are going away so soon – wish I could come! Oh yeah, and like you’ll be excited when you check in …. you’ll be pooping your new panties!! xoxo

  2. Yep, most Aussie phones are no good there and vice versa (sp?). Very good idea to get some while you’re there.

    Well it’s now Wednesday, so that means only 2 more sleeps!

    • Yes, now it’s just one more sleep tonight! I’ve just discovered sleeping tablets. They’re for the plane trip but I practised with them last night. What a world of difference!

  3. testing one two free

  4. Thanks so much for sticking with me! I’m so excited to be back blogging because now I can travel vicariously through you! Japan should be amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures. Only one more sleep now? 🙂

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