Woohoo! We’re down to single figures now.

We are mostly prepared.

Today my pants arrived from Herban Devi in America. They are exactly like everyone says in her feedback – so comfortable you could live in them. They were custom made so they fit perfectly.

My parcel has arrived!

My parcel has arrived!

Peter took some photos of me wearing them, but I dare not post them. Sorry.

Our rail pass vouchers arrived today too! We’re set!

So, what else has been happening? Very little really. We are just trying to plough on at work and make it through just one more week before our long-awaited break arrives. Wow, this time next week, we’re going to be just a little bit excited, I imagine.

I’ve been practicing on my new camera and I’ll leave you with a photo of my pandora. Just thought you might like it.



4 responses to “WEDNESDAY – 9 DAYS TO GO!

  1. We want photos of the pants!!! 🙂

    • Hmmmm, perhaps the uber-babe will make an appearance. We’ll just keep taking photos until she accidentally appears! Haha

  2. So if you posted last Wednesday… and you had 9 days left then… oh my! You’re leaving this week!! If I don’t get to email/comment before you go – have an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear about it! And see all the fab photos from your new camera of course.

    • You’re correct! Flying out 12.05am Saturday morning, so Friday night really! I’m going to try to update tonight – 3 days to departure!!!! I hope I’ve counted right.

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