I’m beginning to panic. Peter is beginning ‘trying to calm me down’. I still feel like there is so much to do and all of a sudden I need to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe for the trip (hmmm, I think I already did that about four months ago and everything is stashed away in a suitcase somewhere).

We have so few days/nights available to shop now. I sit at work all day, trapped, and our nights are fairly much filled up. Those who live in the west would also be aware that the shops aren’t allowed to open at night except on Thursdays! Usually that wouldn’t bother me but right now it would be handy. Actually, no. I’m too tired to go shopping.

Anyway, Mondays are not good. Tomorrow will be better.

It was my birthday on Saturday. I will leave you with a strange looking photo (but I like it) of me blowing out my 8?? candles.


PS: I’ve just had the 8 candles explained to me – it was 4 and 4 = 44. Oh, of course!


One response to “MONDAY – 11 DAYS TO DEPARTURE

  1. Hi we’re home.Must say that Wave Rock seems pretty ordinary after seeing the Furano pics but we did enjoy it all very much. Mia and Iwatered your plants yesterday.We’re loving the blog!

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