How many days? Oh my goodness. This time in two weeks we’ll be standing out at the airport. Actually, probably be a bit more exciting than that, but that is just what Peter said when I asked him ‘how many days to departure?’

Aaaanyway. On the preparation side of things we have not had to do much because most of it is done. Perhaps in the next two weeks I will blog about useful sites we found for booking hotels and also the hotels we found that look fabulous.

So tonight, I thought I might write about Margaret River for a fellow blogger, Heather, who I have just met in blog land, although I have been enjoying her musings over the last couple of months. She’s also a fellow Aussie and as I said to my husband tonight – “I wish I had her life”. Be careful what you wish for hey?

So, Margaret River.. This is where we honeymooned in January 2006. This is where I went before I was married and so did my husband before he was married. I went with groups of people and I went with a girl friend and my husband went alone and my girl friend and I invited him down, just to be kind, but of course he thought ‘three’s a crowd’ and didn’t make an appearance.  Who ever would have guessed that within a year of that invitation the two of us would be married – my husband and I that is – not my girl friend and I!

Peter and I were last in ‘Margarets’ a year ago. Yet another epic three day holiday. We can never have very long holidays because we are always trying to save our annual leave for trips to Japan.


We stayed at Vintages this time, because it was right in town. We usually stay at Coorabin Cottage which is about 10 minutes drive out of town, but because we were there for such a short time we thought saving that daily drive would be a good idea.


Coorabin Cottage

Where did we go and what did we do? It was very wintery, which we loved because up in Perth winter had well and truly ended (unlike this year – it is bucketing down outside right now). We have our set places to visit:

1. Voyager Estate for lunch – superb, stylish, divine, sublime


2. Cape Lavender for lunch on second day – photogenic, delicious,  luscious, delightful, blue wrens!


3. Urban Bean for breakfasts/coffee – hip, healthy, great coffee

4. Wild Thyme for breakfast just down the road from Vintages – affordable, gluten free, check out the locals

5. Natural Olive Oil & Soap Factory for soap and lovely smelly things – unique, organic, family-run, oh-so-sweet-smelling


6. Olio Bello for olive oil and olive oil products – organic, tasty, original, authentic, gorgeous lifestyle

These are a couple of our faves. The main street is jam packed with trendy, unique, boutique style shopping and there are tonnes more restaurants and wineries throughout the Margaret River Region, not to mention the beaches, art galleries, surfing and the bush walks. Way too much to do and to see in just two days.


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I have a new camera, so watch out. Less than two weeks and that shutter is going to be clicking in a different country!


2 responses to “FRIDAY – 2 WEEKS TO DEPARTURE!!!!!!!!!

  1. Happy birthday!! It look like an amazing place. Once the little one is not as little, we want to explore more of this beautiful country we live in.

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