Scary exciting!! Just over two weeks to go!

Not much has been happening on the preparation side of things so I thought I might reminisce about a special place we found and loved on our last trip – Hakodate!

Journal entry from 1 March 2008:

“We’ve loved every minute of it. We have a view directly to the harbour which is walking distance away.


We’ve seen more snow here than we did in Niseko. The weather has been absolutely wild – like the wildest winter day you could imagine at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, with the added bonus of snowflakes the size of five cent pieces being blown horizontally along the streets, around the sky like ash from a giant bushfire and straight into our faces. Sticking on our eyelashes, going up our noses and into our eyes and then vapourising on impact. Just AWESOME & UNBELIEVABLE!”


We thought Hakodate would just be a stop over to break up a long journey, but Toby, a friend we made in Hirafu, told us to at least try to go on the Mt Hakodate Ropeway up to the top of Mt Hakodate. Thank you Toby!

On our first attempt to walk up the street to the Ropeway, we had to turn back, but later in the day we were able to trek up there. We were so glad we made the effort!



We fell in love with Hakodate so, naturally, are returning this time and will be spending a massive two nights there! I think we are both coming to realise that we will be going back to Japan yet again, but next time spending the entire time in Hokkaido!


4 responses to “WEDNESDAY – 16 DAYS TO DEPARTURE

  1. Oh wow. Hakodate is meant to be one of the top three views in Japan. It’s on my must do list (although probably not in Winter- I’m a bit of a wuss…) I had to laugh at your description of the snow storm. I was thinking poor you and then got to the totally awesome bit. Each to their own, hey? I love summer and the beach and Margaret River is on my must do list too. Have to add ‘make piles of money’ to that list soon I think!

  2. Hmmm, awesome and unbelievable could be taken as me enjoying it, but actually I’m with you. It would have been nicer if it hadn’t been absolutely freezing and this time it won’t be. I am sooooo looking forward to not having to worry about all those layers and layers of clothing. Unfortunately Peter is in love with skiing, so I don’t think I’m going to get away with a trip in Autumn next time – there’s going to have to be snow.
    I might do a post on Margaret River just for you. It’s one of our favourite places too. I have a few pictures I’ll post!

  3. Wow! Looks amazing! You’re going to all these fab places I’ve never been – I’m going to have to pick your brain before I go over again…. hoping… saving… working my butt off… so that it may be next year…

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