OK – just a quickie because it is time for bed.

We have booked our one night in Matsushima at Matsushima Century Hotel.

Here is a photo from


Last year we stopped over in Sendai, so this year we thought this might be nicer. We’re only here for one night, which I think we may regret (as in, wish it was longer), but, hey, there’s always next year.

We don’t even have any photos to share from Sendai last year. It was a one night stop over, but I do remember eating at a great place and walking in a shotengai and it was cold and I just asked Peter what hotel we stayed in but he can’t remember. Oh, and I remember Peter buying me a hot chocolate from one of those vending machines. We will definitely be buying more of those this time!

It’s too late to be doing this now.

Sorry, next time I post it will be earlier and not so rushed and hopefully more interesting.

So here is a totally random photo from the weekend before last where we celebrated my sister’s 43rd Birthday at the Old Coast Road Brewery near Harvey, Western Australia..


Good night and God bless..  17 days tomorrow and counting!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “MONDAY – 18 DAYS TO DEPARTURE

  1. Did you try the BBQed beef tongue in Sendai? I know that sounds gross but it’s the local speciality and it’s really good. Really!

  2. I’ll put that on my “must do” list. I’ll try anything once!

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