WOW!! We’re in our teens now! I can’t believe how fast the time is ticking away. This time in three weeks we will be in Japan, in Sapporo and preparing to head off to Furano, our second stop on the journey!

We’ve had a very quiet weekend in Perth. Last night we finally sat down and finalised our accommodation for Hakone and Matsushima.

We did a funny thing with the booking for Hakone, mainly because there are some odd ‘rules’ for our hotel. We are staying at Senkei Hotel for the first night. Included is kaiseki ryori and breakfast. Woohoo! We had to have kaiseki! It is amazing. Kaiseki consists of about 15 different, 100% traditional Japanese dishes. Some of them are unidentifiable but hey, you just have to trust. Japanese people have been eating these things for hundreds of years and they’re OK. The last time we had kaiseki ryori was at Miyajima Seaside Hotel in March 2008.


Kaiseki at Miyajima

How I love this! A beautiful Japanese lady brings the meal to your room and sets it all out for you, like you are royalty. Then she  leaves you to enjoy and marvel over it (and it truly is marvelous!). In a traditional Japanese room you have your meal and then you will go for your ‘bath’ at the communal bath (onsen). While you’re away from the room your dishes are cleared and your bed (futon) assembled –


Futon at Miyajima Seaside Hotel

So, this will be our first night. For the following two nights we are moving to Senkei Plaza which is part of the same hotel, however it is more Western style and we will only have breakfast included. This is partly because the ‘rule’ is that you can only book for one night in the traditional Japanese room at Senkei Hotel (is this so everyone can have a turn?) and also because we couldn’t actually afford three nights. When I said I thought we would blow the budget spectacularly I didn’t mean that spectacularly!

At the Senkei Plaza part of the hotel we have an ‘American’ breakfast included. I think I know what that is, as opposed to an ‘Australian’ breakfast of weetbix and vegemite toast.


The funny part is that, for some reason, breakfast isn’t available on Wednesdays so we didn’t seem to be able to book a room at all on Wednesday, because breakfast is included. Oh, it was all too confusing. So we have one night at Senkei Hotel and two nights at Senkei Plaza. The onsen are available at both venues. We still blew the budget…

Onsen at Senkei

Onsen at Senkei

Next update – Matsushima accommodation…


4 responses to “SUNDAY – 19 DAYS TO DEPARTURE

  1. what?!?! you are coming back? will you be in time for some mud plaster? or….at least stop by for a hello and a hug? 😉

    • Hi Toby,
      Yes, we’re coming back! I wanted to tell you ages ago but you are so busy with your house and we didn’t want you to worry about having to make time to see us. Of course we would love to see you, meet Maiko and Bomber and check out your famous house. I’ll email you, OK and let you know when we are where so we can at least say ‘hello’ have a hug and maybe get some dirt on our hands! M x

  2. The place looks amazing! How exciting and how much I envy you! Just going to lurk on the rest of your blog now 🙂

    • Melanie, thank you for reading. I hope you will enjoy reading about our trip as much as I always enjoyed reading about your life in Japan and now your life as a Mummy!

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