Sorry, been slacking off on the blog side of things again and still haven’t picked up the last of the foreign currency from the Bank yet, but that can wait until next week. It’s probably safer there anyway.

What have we done on the preparation side of things since our last blog? Well, I’ve spent most of the morning today searching for accommodation in Hakone. We want to stay in Hakone Yumoto this time because it is the main centre really. Last time we stayed at Charlotte Inn, which is in Hakone Machi.

Charlotte Inn

Charlotte Inn

It is a fair bus trip from the station to Hakone Machi, on the shores of Lake Ashi. We had a spectacular view over the lake from our room and it was walking distance to the pirate ship which took us on the first leg of the Hakone Round Course . This is a day trip which involves travel on the boat across Lake Ashi, the ropeway to Sounzan, the cable car to Gora and the little switchback train back to Hakone Yumoto. From there we caught the bus back up the hill to Hakone Machi.

Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi

So, this time we want to commence our travels from Hakone Yumoto. We’re definitely planning on doing the Round Course again. There is so much to see, including, of course, Fuji-san! We will buy the Hakone Free Pass which covers all this travel and more.

Anyway, as I was saying, I have been trying to find somewhere nice in Hakone Yumoto. This area is well known for being expensive, but I’m determined not to blow the budget on this one!  At this point though, nothing has been booked in.

Love these!

Love these!


Next week I think I will organise the Japan Rail Passes!

I’m going to purchase them online at Railplus. There are not many outlets within Australia for purchasing these, but I have found Railplus to offer the best deal and their price varies weekly in accordance with movements in the exchange rate, so it has reduced somewhat in the last couple of weeks. I think next week I will pounce.


For the time being we’re going to take a short break this weekend at Oakfield Bed & Breakfast in Balingup . We can’t wait. It’s probably going to be horrible weather down there, judging by the look of the weather in Perth, but just to get away from it all will be such a blessing! We’ll update about this little interlude when we get back. There will no doubt, be a million photos, but I’ll just post a few.

Have a great weekend, whoever is reading this. God bless you!


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