So, it is apparent from the blogs I read, that regular blogging is important. No blog for three days is thoughtless, neglectful and just plain rude!

Well, there have been happenings, but no photos, but I will try to remedy that.

Our preparation has been peaceful this week. We have our currency to take with us. We have been watching the Australian dollar fluctuate and struggle to regain its (thanks Mum, for letting me know there’s no apostrophe in there!!) strength after months and months of being painfully weak. It is very hard to understand how all this works; the funny reasons for a surge of strength – “Golden Week in Japan so everyone is investing their holiday bonus payments  in Austalian bonds”. Oh, come on! But strangely the very first day of Golden Week saw the Aussie dollar perk up, just for a day and then settle back into it’s sad, sick, nobody wants me, rate of exchange.

We had kind of made a pact that, if we could buy 75 Yen with one Aussie dollar we would be happy. And we have and we are!!

We bought our Yen through Westpac Bank. Why? Well, I checked out a few options for ordering and paying online – Travelex, Commonwealth Bank, American Express and Westpac. Westpac always offers the best rate and charges no commission. We did this last year through Commonwealth Bank, mainly because I used to work there and knew the system. That seems foolish now, because they charge commission (1%) so even if their rate happens to be better than Westpac (which is rare) it still ends up costing you more. So there’s a “trap for young players”. The savings may seem negligible but, hey, it all adds up – a coffee at Starbucks every day? Well worth the saving!

Today I will leave you with an image from our last trip.




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