Well, what does a girl do 40 days before leaving on a trip to Japan? Hmmm, shop online, sounds like a good idea. The best place I can think of on a Sunday afternoon for shopping online is I visited one of my favourites; HerbanDevi. HerbanDevi’s shop announcement reads

“Herban Devi is a handmade clothing line inspired by and made for women who love individuality and bold artistically hand crafted clothing. Everything you see here is designed, sewn printed and modeled by a very imaginative Jennifer LaPeire. All my creations are high quality, custom handmade from scratch. From Herban Devi you can expect sexy cuts with sweet silhouettes made from sustainable textiles. My very versatile clothing line is both sneaker and high heel friendly for ladies with eclectic style.”

Me all over.

What did I buy?

Beyond Yoga Pants

Beyond Yoga Pants


Lounge Pants

Lounge Pants

Visit Jennifer’s shop on – HerbanDevi. I love the whole vibe of HerbanDevi and will update on the pants when they arrive.

We will spend a lot of time on trains – comfort is a priority – and lots of time cruising around, trying not to look like tourists. I think these pants will do the trick. Hmmmm, trying not to look like tourists?? We’re gaijin and we will have a hard time disguising that fact. Oh, well. It was a good excuse for some Sunday arvo online shopping!


One response to “SUNDAY – 40 DAYS TO DEPARTURE

  1. Hey did you get your pants?? What are they like? Any thoughts for this weekend yet?

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